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Moms Day Off

moms day off

Moms Day Off

Saturday was perhaps, the perfect day- a Moms Day Off. Steve O and often discuss what a day at “our” camp would be like. What combination of activities would make the best day ever. We like to dream about a day full of our favorite foods and activities. “Camp Noelle” went like this:
1. Sleep in, just a little bit.
2. Leisurely breakfast- grapefruit, strawberries and some yummy cereal.
3. A bit of yard work, to keep the place looking nice (don’t forget I’m a gal who likes to get things done).
4. Lunch- kashi pilaf mixed with grape tomatoes, avocados and tuna- super delicious.
5. A mountain bike ride all afternoon with my ladies, at Sundance, lots of splendid single track.
6. Major pool party in the backyard, with every blow up water toy we own, and I think- a few borrowed from the neighbors.
7. Dinner, yummy Thai food with my lovely spouse.
8. Even a movie- Year Of The Dog (pretty good, a bit wacky, but that’s how we like ’em).
9. Baskin Robbins- chocolate and peanut butter ice cream…or a chocolate malt.
10. Some TiVOed SNL.
That’s how my Moms Day Off went down. I loved every minute of it, but especially the part about the mountain bike ride. it was just about the perfect day.

moms day offLex, Kipper and me, on Archie’s Loop

moms day off
The major pool party…
As well as having the blow-up pool filled, two large blow-up rafts were added to the party. This raft was the “hot tub”.  It was created by filling up anything that would hold water at the kitchen sink, walking it through the house, across the carpet and finally into the rubber-hot tub-raft in the backyard.  There are no rules when Dad is in charge. This would have never gone down on my watch. Thank goodness I wasn’t there, and in the end does wet carpet really matter?



  1. lex

    May 22, 2007 at 1:14 am

    Well, I feel totally honored to have been a part of Camp Noelle. Not sure what my role is at camp, but sure is fun to be able to hang with the cool kids. The riding was great! better than any powder day we had this year…oh wait, we only had two! 🙂

  2. Noelle O

    May 22, 2007 at 1:28 am

    Lex, we only wish you had been there at the pool party, we need to get more organized with the guest list…

  3. kip

    May 29, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    I love being in your camp!! Notice because I’m smiling my glasses are half way up my eyes and I’m looking out the bottom. Very atractive don’t you think? Good times that will be missed while your away. Oh so sad!!

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