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Indian maiden quilt

indian girl quilt Indian Maiden quilt, 39″ X 44″
Here is my Indian maiden quilt from start- I began with little piles of color combo ideas on the floor, 3 or 4 combos per Indian girl.

I cut out all of the Indian girls to be hand appliqued at the same time. I put them, all sorted out in a bag with thread, needles and pins, scissors the background fabric squares, and the pattern map. I carry the bag around with me for a month or two- hand stitching whenever I got a minute- watching a movie, sitting on the passenger side of a car, lounging at Lake Powell. Perhaps annoying everyone (friends and family), but it suited the muti-tasker in me. But, the cool thing was… the next thing I knew I had finished all 9 Indian maidens.

The next tricky part was trying to figure out the pattern from the picture I have. For those who missed the earlier post about this quilt, I am copying a quilt my mother-in-law made many years ago. My Mom and I borrowed the original to hang in my Mom’s bed and breakfast, Slot Canyons Inn in Escalante Utah. Jan, (MIL) couldn’t find the pattern again, so I made it up as I went along, and somehow… I think it turned out.
I sewed the beads on the bottom of the skirts, then picked them out after I realized it would be tough to quilt over beads. I’ll have to put them back on when it’s all finished.

I found the Alexander Henry “lacota plains” fabric, with the teepees on it- already in my stash and just couldn’t help myself but use it in the border. The feathers were cut out, pre-washed to fray then top stitched onto the quilt top.

Here is the top all pieced together and ready to be shipped off (to the other side of town) to be quilted by my favorite machine quilter. (I’m gonna have to keep her name a secret or the waiting list will get even impossibly longer)
I made it for my Mom, it will go in the Slickrock Room at the Slot Canyons Inn, her amazing bed and breakfast in Escalante Utah.

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