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lengthening sleeves

I got this super cute soft shell jacket for Christmas- it’s a medium, which is just fine in every way but the sleeve length. For a month now, I’ve been stewing over what I should do to remedy the situation. It’s from a closeout/discount place – so returning for another size isn’t an option. So I came up with my own pattern for lengthening sleeves.

This little sleeve length problem might be overlooked in a shirt or even a sweater but it won’t do for a coat.

Luckily, I took the jacket with me to the fabric store to brainstorm up some ideas and found the perfect fabric for lengthening sleeves. I was initially thinking about just adding a piece of fleece that just looked like a long cuff- but this quilted, sparkly fabric jumped out at me- it’s even the exact same color of white, and the available fleece colors were either too white or too off-white.
I cut out the cuffs to be sewn, right-sides together (on the angle cut sides), then turned right side out and folded over for a double-sided cuff that tapers down to the wrist.

I hand-stitched the new cuff into the wrong side of the existing cuff so there would be no extra evidence of the new cuff not belonging there in the first place. You can kind of see the sparkle in this picture- if you look close.

The quilted fabric isn’t stretchy at all, I was a little worried I might have to get fancy with the velcro and make a proper cuff that would be tight enough to keep out the cold, but that my hand would still fit through. As it turned out- I think it’s plenty tight without any extra cinching with velcro or elastic.
So, what do you think, did I pull it off?
Perhaps a close inspection might leave one scratching their head, but the fact that the cuff fabric matches perfectly, and has cute flowery sparkle that fits with the overall darlin’ design is good enough for me. I can’t wait to wear it skiing.


  1. marcikay

    January 30, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    you, my friend, are amazing.. I’m afraid I’m just too lazy to fix something in such a way!

    hope you liked your movie wednesday!

    I’m really gonna bring back your costume! Its dry-cleaned and everything..!

  2. Colett (*.*)

    January 31, 2009 at 5:03 am

    you are just too darn clever! It looks better that it did before.

  3. lex

    February 2, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Any bedazzling going to happen too? I’m just going ot have to come out there so that I can ski near that wonderful creation! But since it is white I may not find you in all that UTAH snow. 🙂

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