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Here is a book (a work in progress) I recently found, the kid authors, illustrators is M, age 8. Piggy is a carry over character, first used by her older sister. There have been various tales told about Piggy, one notable story from the past by kid authors, illustrator Q was Piggy Goes To The Beach, I’m gonna give it away- Piggy wears a bikini and gets a really bad sunburn. I think we need to see about some publication when M finishes this story, for all the Piggy tales.
kid authors, Piggy goes on a date
kid authors, piggy goes on a date
kid authors, piggy goes on a date
kid authors, hipster pig with a monocle
kid authors, pig cartoon drawings



Apparently we have some gender issues that need addressing…

And the moral of the story as it stands right now…
perhaps– always look your best even if you are a piggy
or – look to your mother for fashion advice
or – vests and tailored pants are back in for the ladies (not to mention the monocle)
or – male pigs must wear a Bro or man-ssiere for some extra support when courting a lady.

I don’t really know for sure, but this I do know- this story need an end, and I can hardly wait for it.

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  1. Curt, Lace and Harper

    March 2, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing she is so funny. Also I saw on your side bar the velvet skirt with polka dot something. Did you make that? If so I would love one.

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