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titanic diorama with legos
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Titanic Diorama Project with Lego Cast & Crew

titanic diorama project
Here’s a great Titanic diorama project idea for a school diorama assignment or just for fun! The book the kids had to read was historical fiction, M picked a book kind of like the American Girl series. I can’t remember the name of the book. It’s about a little orphaned girl who was accompanying a friend to New York to try and find her brother.  I think she really enjoyed reading the account of the Titanic sinking, and especially working on this part of the project. Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.
*If you are wondering what’s up with the giant baby in the lifeboat… I asked the same question. Well, there are no real Lego babies. Hey Lego, we’d appreciate it if you would please work on this oversight.  So M found this big ole baby to go in the life boat. You know, women and children first.
titanic diorama project with lego cast and crew
How to make:
The boat is a cardboard, toilet paper tube, tape, Modge Podge creation that was then painted to resemble the Titanic.
The water is made with two different sparkly fabrics, cut into strips and laid in the bottom of the box.
The blue sky backdrop is fabric glued to the back inside of the box.
The iceberg is a wadded up plastic bag hot glued into the back corner and painted over with white paint, we even sprayed some glitter over the iceberg and the the blue of the sky.
The stars and moon are cut out of cardboard and hanging with string.
*Take a look at the Lego dude in the front. He’s none too happy about his unfortunate circumstance.
titanic diorama project with legos
I could have spent days driving around, casing craft stores searching for tiny people to represent the doomed passengers when we remembered… We probably have enough Lego people to fill a human sized life boat. And life jackets for each of them too.
*The captain and crew, stoically going down with the ship.
titanic newspaper articles
Last minute idea, because it’s all in the details. We printed up the real newspaper articles we found online to cover the outside of the box- thank you internet.
titanic newspaper clippings

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