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I sure am loving all of the handmade items I found at Craft Sabbath. It was good to get out with my ladies for a few hours on Sunday- escape the madness. Not that I don’t love my people- I suppose it was mostly the workload I needed to escape from- when I’m home I feel like I need to be sewing all the time. It was fun to see what the other crafters are up to- and get some craft inspiration.
Here are a few faves- the purple cuffs were calling my name- what is it with me and purple? I can’t stop sneaking back to that color. It was my “favorite” for many formative college years- my sleeping bag is purple, a cherished ski jacket I’ve been wearing for 20 years, there were also the infamous purple Patagonia tights I used to wear climbing- long since retired thank goodness… let’s just say- I’m lucky Steve O gave me a second glance after seeing me in those crazy tights.
Put the fanny pack back in the closet- there are so many applications for my new holster, I don’t even know where to start. (I guess I need to start with wearing a belt)
Just a little something silly to toss in with any outfit. “Um, excuse me lady… but I think there is a bee in your hair.” (Yeah that’s right I’m a lady or a ma’am now)

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