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I ended up finding some fabric I liked at Urban Outfitters, sewn into the shape of a duvet. I spent entirely too much time picking out the seams (instead of just cutting the seams/edges off), but then I was glad I did- I ended up needing every last inch of fabric for the windows I wanted to cover.
As a sewer, I’ve always loved the fabric panels at Urban Outfitters, I didn’t see any on this last trip, word is, now you have to purchase them online.

I had these clippys from Ikea (they can be purchased anywhere) leftover from some other project at the other house, and my some miracle was able to locate them when I finally need them. So easy to use, especially for lightweight cotton curtains like these. They might not work as well for something heavier. In the end all you need is a piece of fabric, no fancy sewing on curtain holder-oners on top.
I went back to Ikea to find curtain rods- the trouble was finding one long enough. I think there was only one available (or maybe just one I liked) for a window 107″ long. Then I found this one at Target, maximum length- 120″- I like it better too.

There are even cute little tie backs that match, I just haven’t put them up yet.

In the end, the full/queen duvet didn’t quite give me enough fabric to completely cover all the windows. It works out fine because we’ve got blinds coming for the big window next week. The sliding glass door is the important part and those curtains cover completely. Really, we are not the blind or curtain closing family, but now at least we’ll have options, and a bit less echo when kids start getting loud.

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