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Mexican Sugar Skulls

We haven’t done much in the way of Halloween fun with the move and all- in fact, the kids are even wearing costumes made in previous years- unprecendented in this house… I don’t think I could have made costumes this year if I’d wanted to, everything sewing and crafty is still in boxes, somewhere. So, when Q had a assignment to make Day of the Dead Mexican Sugar Skulls for her Spanish class, I was relieved that we already had the molds and I was able to find them.

Super- duper easy, just make sure you have meringue powder handy (get it at the craft or grocery store), and a 5 lb. bag of sugar. I think I got the molds on Olvera St. in LA a couple of years ago, or you can order them here.

They need about 8 hours of drying time before they are hard enough to decorate and not crumble when touched. We’ve got to get some royal icing mixed up today, dig out the glitter glue and sequins from a box somewhere and do some after school decorating. I hope we can make some cute enough that we want to preserve them for posterity. As I recall, the last time we made them, they were all tossed in the trash Nov 2 because they all looked like a preschool (with no supervision) art project. I believe the key is to use the tiniest tip when putting on the icing details, or give up being a purist and use puff paint… stay posted.

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