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Today—> the 2011 Soldier Hollow Charter School Olympics. The school is located on the site of the 2002 Olympic Nordic ski events at Soldier Hollow Resort in Midway UT. Leaving behind a venue just itching for another Olympic event. Here are the teams getting ready to ski into the stadium for the opening ceremonies. 
During the winter months the students of Soldier Hollow get to ski twice a week during school- a program I’m a huge fan of- equipment from the rental shop, instructors and use of the world class facility- it doesn’t get better than that for winter physical education. So, come February, you’ve got a whole school of skiers who can manage great on a pair of cross-country skis.
I stopped taking pictures when Steve O showed up with his camera, thinking he was snapping stills. I didn’t find out until later that he was only shooting video. Now, I don’t have a single pictures of the teams making their big opening ceremony debut in the stadium, a slight that left every parent verklempt. Shucks.
Here is C’s 1st grade class, team Mexico– looking so stinkin’ cute with the boys in their sombreros and girls in their flower hats. This is the first year my kids have been at Soldier Hollow so I didn’t really know what to expect- but I soon heard each team would need some sort of getup… right up my alley- I volunteered to costume-up team Mexico.
I made up these fleece hats for the girls, super fast and easy, (stay tuned for a how-to on these hats later this week) and made with fleece I’ve had in my sewing room for years. I sewed 12×18″ fabric flags to the front of each team member’s bib, and a sharpie drawn and colored strip of fabric with the word “Mexico” sewn to the back.

It was great to see all of the kids and their teams outfitted so cleverly- a few favorites —> a member of the Scottish team, I hadn’t even thought of face painting, gotta love the kilt.

Team Germany rocking the paper bag lederhosen.
Here’s our M of team Norway, finishing up the obstacle course. This might not look so hard, but remember, she’s got skis on. The older kids (2nd through 8th grade) competed in the biathlon, obstacle course and relay. The kindergartners and 1st graders events were a slalom course, beanbag toss, obstacle course and relay.  Once again, bummed I don’t have a single shot of kids shooting guns in the biathlon. But we do have some video…

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