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why do we even own these books?

I am mostly talking about The Little Red Hen here. Every time I read this book with the kids I start getting all fired up. If you don’t know what I’m talking about- here is a sample page, and the theme of the book…

The hen is trying to persuade her lazy friends/family to pitch in a little to grow, harvest and mill the wheat to make bread. She gets denied over and over again from every single barnyard companion. Is this speaking to anyone else out there? Any other mothers feel my pain… picking up what I’m laying down? 
Everyone wants hot, fresh bread, but no one wants to help make it.
deep breathe… then exhale…
Then there is Frog and Toad, a couple of simpletons- but then again what did you expect? They are just amphibian amigos, (they’re luck to have a book series…) trying to have a little fun. I have to laugh, admittedly out of jealous spite, whenever we arrive on the page of Frog’s list of Things to Do.
I have a hunch Pierre’s list of Things to Do is even shorter than Frog’s.

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