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This better be the end of this chapter in my life… the tale of my son- broken-arm-boy, who spent the better part of 3 months in various casts after snapping both bones in his left arm in July.
Early July: First cast, over 2 pins. Loads of art with Sharpie paint pens, way more fun to look at than just the names and well wishes of friends and family.

End of July: Second cast, pins removed but pin sites not completely healed- still a regular cast, not waterproof, bummer.

Middle of August: Pin sites healed, waterproof cast put on for a few mores weeks of summer fun. What makes the cast waterproof is what the arm is wrapped with underneath the fiberglass. Apparently, it’s extremely itchy and you have to get it wet (flush water through) every day or else it will do bad things to the skin.

Who was listening when the doctor said to be extremely careful for the next 6 months so you don’t rebreak your arm?? Not I. Back in a cast in November after forgetting to wear his brace at the skate park- 4 weeks, luckily different spot.

November rebreak: Back to regular (not waterproof) cast, since the summer is over and there isn’t lots of water fun happening, he opted for a less itchy 4 weeks.

The collection, (yellow cast got tossed, too stinky) perhaps they could be framed in a smell proof box?

Paint Sharpies are the best for coloring on fiberglass, even regular (permanent) Sharpies wash off- but not these, the colors stay nice and bright.

For the whole story, x-rays and a few gory photos, look here.

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    November 5, 2012 at 9:52 am

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