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vintage fabric & light bulb hands

I rewarded myself for my superb behavior in the dentist chair (and because I was in my old hood) with a trip to one of my favorite antique shops, Confetti Antiques in Spanish Fork Utah. Now it’s even more favorite a place than ever…
I picked up a few yards of good looking vintage fabrics.

Someone’s grandma’s unfinished project- it’s throwing me off that there were only 7 squares on the bundle.    …what was the original plan, grandma?

I’m such a sucker for stuff like this- I just couldn’t pass up the seven squares.

There’s a nice brown spot on the purple plaid fabric, it looks like someone was snacking on some chocolate while they were sewing (let’s hope it was chocolate…)
It’s OK, really, I think I can relate to that situation- it should wash out.

Upholstery weight, perfect condition, 4 yards- Boo Ya!

I love reading selvages- no more details than ‘copyright Everfast Fabrics Inc.’ this time, no year.

“and I like chasing cars…”

This tree topper angel reminded me of the skit- The Lawrence Welk Show on SNL, with Kristen Wigg and her baby hands. Now it will make me laugh inside and out every time I walk past it on the windowsill in the kitchen. And I can’t stop singing it too…

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