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We road tripped this past weekend to Wyoming to visit our ski gal who now lives in Pinedale WY, high up and far out. We had a fabulous time acting silly, taking a million pictures and eating delicious food. You’re looking at the Wind River Mountain range gearing up for winter.

We spotted this guy and his girlfriend (just missed being in the picture). Feeling safe enough standing on the road, we were whistling, barking, howling and meowing trying to get him to turn around for the camera. By the way, he cared little for our the shenanigans, as you can see and this is as good as it got.

From the tiniest ski resort called White Pines, just outside of Pinedale- we’re following the rules, waiting for snow.

Where you can set yourself down and reminisce your own former ski glories, and what you were you were wearing.

Oh please, that’s like saying ‘you may only ride feet first on the waterslide’.

We made our way on over to Jackson Hole, here is one of four impressive antler arches in the middle of town.

It wouldn’t be Jackson without taxidermy critters of all sizes everywhere you look. Costume idea for next year perhaps?

Squirrely Pocohontas makes his way downstream.

This sign is the coolest- very Vegas, very sexy bar full of cowboys.

Carved with intricacy,  gems, abstract genius- the pumpkin adorning the Snake River Grill where the tomato curry soup, pumpkin ravioli, fried brussel sprouts with “red-eye” aioli, coconut & lime sorbet and the donuts changed my life.

I’m not that into donuts- but these dream nuggets turned me upside down. Served warm, fresh and with dark chocolate, cream and raspberry dipping options… there’s a party going on in my mouth.

Since I’m still putting the finishing touches on costumes, I’ll get some pictures up tomorrow, the ice cream cone is giving me trouble…
Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you get a ton of candy!

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