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making a recycled garland wreath

If there is one thing that I seem to inadvertently collect, it’s garlands. I probably have enough on hand to hang at least one garland across every window in my house.  This wreath is the solution to the too-many-garlands problem. I had a string of felt beads, a garland of felt flowers, and a string of beribboned (definition below) white lights- and I wanted to hang all of them in one room. The wreath became the solution. I picked up an extra large embroidery hoop at the local sewing or craft store. Hoops come in many different size options. If you are a garland hoarder like me, you could make 2 or 3 different sized but coordinating wreaths for a single wall.

Beribboned: When different colors and types of ribbon, cut to each be about about 7 inches long, are tied along the wire, between the lights on a string of twinkle lights. Add as many ribbons and as frequently as suits your taste.

All of the elements worked together nicely. Depending on lengths of the items you are including, you can wrap the strands tighter than others if necessary or barely make it once around if something is very short. To complete and attach items to the hoop use twist ties, ribbon, yarn or whatever else you’ve got handy.

The great thing about this sort of decor is you can personalize it- throw in whatever you like or have on hand. Whatever garland or decor item you’d like to recycle. Have 4 or 5 small knick-knacks not part of a garland? String them up and tie them on! Make it for boys room, living room or kitchen or create a seasonal masterpiece with Thanksgiving or Christmas colors and texture.

Tip: Adding a string of lights creates a nightlight or moody effect to your wreath and your space.

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