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Tomi, three legged wonderdog

Meet Tomi our three legged, furry canine cousin and star of the show at Wilson Backcountry Sports in Wilson Wyoming.

She lost her leg falling out of a ranchers truck as a pup. She was adopted by my brother and sister-in-law from a shelter after surgery to amputate the injured leg. Nine years later… she’s the happiest best loved doggie in the state of Wyoming.

I made this life-sized stuffed replica of Tomi as a Christmas gift years back, I haven’t seen it for awhile- it sure made me giggle to see it again.

Tomi’s clone is made from upholstery samples pieced together in a random haphazard way, with attention to coloring and number of limbs, of course.

Nice likeness eh?

No need to feel sorry for this disabled gal- here she is enjoying here favorite sport of mountain biking with her cousins from Utah.

Tomi’s portrait, by a local artist- wearing her happy face.

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