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the nativity, private collection

Artwork by Barbara Young

Tiny Mexican nativity

Hands-on finger puppet nativity my mom made our family a few years ago.

Colorful collage nativity a friend made for me.

I made this folk artsy wonderment… about 15 years ago. I still have the pattern, if you want to borrow it.

By my friend Kanani of Vinylicious.

Clay creche, also from a South American country, from Ten Thousand Villages in Salt Lake.

As well as covering his birth, we’ve got the whole life of Christ rolled into one set of nesting dolls. No need to put these away after Christmas, they need to be up all year.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow we take it easy and go crazy with gingerbread, stay tuned- I’ve got a gingerbread RV all ready to be assembled and decorated.



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