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what amazing luck

My movie making man just finished this Turning Point project (watch it here)– a compelling look at homeless teens in Portland Oregon finding direction and purpose in life through the Circus Project– fantastic– it will make you want to do some good in the world.

Headed up to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City last night with tickets to the screening of the film Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

Overheard the buzz, then happy to hear about the deal with Fox Searchlight just as the screening started. The film was indeed fantastic- beautifully shot, a gifted cast of characters (especially the tiny leading gal, Quvenzhané Wallis), thought provoking and visually stunning for the view it provides of the impoverished culture in this southern Louisiana community.

And the best part about the film festival experience- Q&A after the screening with the director, screenwriter, lead actress, director of photography.

I have tickets on Sunday to the winner of the U. S. Dramatic competition- perhaps I’ll be seeing it twice?

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