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a years worth of work

Here is the first quilt I ever made. The project that got me psyched about design in quilting and hurled me over the hangups I once had with the grandmotherly title of ‘quilting’ (say this in your favorite snobby accent). This baby took me forever… or about a year to finish, but was well worth every second of my children’s nap times, road trip (passenger side) sewing and just about every other moment I could sneak in a stitch or two- the beauty of hand applique- like knitting and crochet, you can take it everywhere you go. Now this quilt currently hangs in the Desert Rose room of the Slot Canyon’s Inn Bed & Breakfast in Escalante Utah, you know– if you’d like to swing by and take a look.  I love revisiting projects, you so quickly forget all of the work that goes into it.


  1. Joyce

    February 10, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Wow! Noelle, that is worth a pilgrimage to southern Utah just to see it “in person.” I love the way you did the Indian paintbrush. Those skinny petals must have been a real challenge. They look perfect. Thanks for showing this.

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