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lifestyles of the rich and famous or spring break in Park City

It’s about that time of year- spring break, and what better way to spent it than in the crispy fresh mountain air, working on your goggle tan and your parallel turns.
Here are a few ski wear looks I’m doing backflips for:
Seriously ruffles at the bottom the sleeves? Swoon. The colors- salmon pink and yellow, together- I just can’t get enough. I think I’ll incorporate a tulle skirt as part of my ski ensemble as well.

All the Moncler line is delightful, impressive, dreamy… and very spendy. If I actually see a gal wearing this coat,  I’m not sure what I’ll do with my jealous fit of rage- run up and hug her tight or trip her down the stairs?

This Bogner helmet is straight up rad, but would I have to be sure and wear makeup with it?

What I really wish for is this long puffy. It looks dumb in this picture- really like any other long black down coat… but on a person, it looks great. Believe me, I’ve been scrutinizing the long puffy coats all winter as I formulate a plan to bring one into my life. Here is what happened- I saw this coat on a girl… skied up real close (she was walking- not on skis)… checked out the logo on the back (Mountain Hardware, by the way, I’ll save you the trouble) and looked it up, real clever huh? The key ‘cute’ element is the long in the back, short in the front look at the bottom of the coat, it gives it just a teensy bit of a gown feel, and I like that.
P.S. I don’t think I’d ski in it, it’s more of an apres ski look- just for wearing everywhere else, all day, every day between the months of October and March.

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