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How to repair Chaco sandals

chacos sandal reapir DIY

Learn how to repair Chaco sandals all by yourself, without the wait of sending them back. We found a pair of brand new Chaco sandals at the thrift store- score! Chaco sandals are $130 full retail, and worn on repeat at our house. This Chaco sandal repair is definitely worth the try. Watch the full tutorial!

how to repair chaco sandals

Someone had cut the strap that tightens the sandals way too short. This is probably why we found them at the thrift store. We decided to undertake the project to fix the shoe and lengthen the strap back to original working order- or as close as possible.

Chaco sandal repair

This Chaco sandal repair is a very straightforward process and easy fix with basic sewing skills. We solve the problem of best practices on how to fit the sandal into a regular sewing machine.

repairing chaco sandals

We use a bar tack stitch method to sew the new strap into place. This makes it look just like the original strap on the outside and feel cozy on your foot on the inside.

how to repair chaco sandals

The video tutorial on how to repair Chaco sandals can be used to shorten Chaco straps as well. To view the strap shortening process we use (we cut the new webbing to the right length) skip to 1:43 in the video.

Check it out because it’s easy to learn the basics of upcycling!

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