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Halloween par-tay

We went to the Call’s annual Halloween bash Saturday evening. It’s always a good time- dancin’ like we’re teens, snackin’ down delicious treats, yuckin’ it up, taking way too many pictures. I’ll admit we could have been more clever, I didn’t sew a stitch of my own costume- just went with what we had laying around. I think I was Hello Kitty or something along those lines… I just had to wear the kitty mask.
I know, I said I wanted to be a Hot Dog on a Stick worker (still do), and Steve O a hot dog but he refused to be a “sidekick”, and the whole plan fell through. I think it was more in the interest of time and frugal leanings that we went with the ready-made kitty and Steve O wore the fish taco costume I made last year.

The ladies- Colett as a flapper, Kanani, Molly and Stephanie were Harajuku girls, and I’m the hairless kitty on the end. For more party pics/costume ideas look here.

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  1. Midge

    October 29, 2008 at 12:23 am

    I checked out all the pictures, looked like a fun party, there were a few familiar faces. I have to say, Duane looks hot in spandex and fishnet, but then I’ve always had a weakness for those Call boys.

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