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tiny handmade goods Felt Club

tiny ceramic fishFelt Club was fantastic, it is always inspiring and motivating to see what other crafters, sewers, artsy folks are making. I came home with lots o’ tiny things which is good for a gal whose suitcases are already full of fabric that she just so happened to have picked up on the same trip. This little ceramic fish on wheels (about 3 inches long) was made by PearsonMaron check them out on Etsy.

upcycled vintage watch face earringsI have been wearing these earring nonstop since I got them- I love them so much- gotten a few compliments on them too. The gal who makes them had lots of cool jewelry made from recycled vintage goods- watch parts and typewriter keys too. Check her out here The Weekend Store.

tiny clay figurineWhen we went to Felt Club 2 years ago I got a tiny bird head figure wearing panties by this same artist, Melissa Contreras. It’s one of my very favorite things in my house. I was so glad she was there again this year, I hemmed and hawed at her booth and finally came away with this tiny friend. She’s about 3 inches tall and s’dang cute. Melissa’s illustrations and paintings are very cool too. Check her out at Axel Honey.

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