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yard envy

Q and I stopped by the Checkered Umbrella Boutique in Springville today. We ran into a bunch of crafty lady friends and yucked it up a bit, did some shopping, and coveted this yard.
Here is the scoop on the Boutique:
Friday, Sept. 25th 10am-8pm
Saturday, Sept. 26th 10am-5pm
411 E 400 N
Springville, UT

If you know Springville, you have driven by this house on 400 E.- we know it by the tiny house in the backyard. Today we found out the tiny house used to be a shed, but is now 3 bedrooms (no plumbing).
Someday, I will build a tiny house in my backyard, with or without plumbing- mark my words.
This is a tiny chair too, by the tiny pond. You just can’t tell from the picture. Gorgeous, very creative yard. I loved the upside down umbrella’s handing in the trees for the boutique. Lovely.

Hey angel baby… get back to work.

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