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vintage ski wear extravaganza

In honor of the one inch of snow we got on my birthday this week (thank you for my gift Mother Nature) I’d like to revise the ski wear revolution and return to it’s roots. Given the chance, I’d enthusiastically wear any and all of these styles of previous decades. I’d even go florescent- available now at your local thrift store and sport some stretchy pants and gators like I did in high school- just for fun. What was I thinking when I gave those items to the thrift store all those years ago? I say, bring on the color and the stretch.

If you’re the create-your-own type, this pattern is up for grabs on etsy, unless I get to it first. I could really use some quilted bibs.
I’ve seen kids and adults alike with these exact bibs skiing around and showing up for lessons. If you show up in my ski class with the pants and or parka from this pattern I’ll be secretly, extremely jealous and we’ll be bff’s forever. Just leave the skis and boots from the same year– hanging on the wall.

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