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going back to Cali

Annual family road trip time- from the mountains of Utah to the beaches of Southern California. We all gladly pile into the car, like a bunch of sardines and try and distract ourselves from 11 hours of tight company. I think I’ve driven this stretch of highway at least 194 times in my lifetime, I could do it with my eyes closed- just kidding.

It’s essential to bring along as many bikes as you can tie onto the outside of your car- road bike, cruiser, cargo cruiser, pea picker and one or two more. Strap on a few skateboards and scooters, throw in the fruit boots, I mean roller blades too.
A brief stop to discuss your road trip fruit choices and perhaps hand your oranges over. When I was a kid, my mom used to pull over and make us kids eat all of the fruit that was to be confiscated. I was mortified at the time, now I would make my kids do the same thing.

Finally arrived, the sun, sea air and warm sand feel so very good. I plopped right down on the sand and stayed awhile.

20120717-182434.jpgRidiculous, I know. I brought my sewing machine to.the.beach. And I plan on using it.

Tough choices… lounge chair, a copy of US magazine and a cold lemonade or a numb bum hard metal folding chair in a beach front sweat shop? Lame.

20120717-182455.jpgHow about this solution? It’s like it was meant to be, it all fits together so well. I don’t think my tan lines will look so good though.
OK, you can stop laughing now.

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