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Halloween Costume Gallery: Day 1

Halloween is right around the corner, hopefully, your costumes are made (or at least started)… I’d like to propose a costume share! I’m dedicating this blog week to all the costumes I’ve made over the years- I’m digging through the archives and running the scanner on this one!

Angel and Devil Kid Halloween Costumes-

If there is one thing I admire, it’s folks who put their ALL into costuming themselves and their children. I think this sort of effort should be recognized and honored (beyond the classroom, party and neighborhood). So join me this week-  post at least one costume on your blog (or even your pinterest page), link it back here and I’ll build up an archive of all the rad costumes. So, if you’d like to join in the fun, please display the badge below on your sidebar with a link to this post.

angel and devil kid costumes

Check out these costume shares:

Rocket the Dragon

More Halloween Costume Gallery here:

Little Viking Girl and Boy

Luke Skywalker, Queen, Policeman and Woman

Bride, Siberian Husky, Eskimo

BMX Rider, Boo from Monsters Inc., Princess

Cinderella, Tiny Elvis, Baby Mary Queen of Scots

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