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Halloween Costume Gallery: Day 5

Halloween costume gallery policeman
Halloween Costume Gallery, Day 5: Policeman and policewoman, Luke Skywalker and a queen.

The policeman or woman costume has worked for multiple Halloweens (come to think of it, why only on Halloween?) daughter and son. We got the official “Springville City Police Department” patch from a policeman neighbor (thanks, sir!). I made the shirt- all the other patches are from the local fabric store. We picked up the essential accessories (gun, billy club, handcuffs, donut) at a costume shop. The flat front, smart, sensible trousers are just from Gap Kids. I found the perfect shiny steel-toed-looking shoes at Payless- luckily.

Halloween costume gallery luke skywalker queen

Luke Skywalker costume and cape, all made from scratch. I ordered the light saber online instead of spending countless hours searching local stores. The boots belonged to his sister- lucky break again.

And because we couldn’t help ourselves…

Halloween costume gallery little policeman
Halloween costume gallery policeman

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