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teach your kid to ride a bike

Here’s a little something to kick off your springtime weekend, a quick, short video by The Talking Fly on how to teach your kid to ride a bike and something to remind us all that it’s the little people and moments that surround them that count… and all the moments in your life spent on a bicycle.

Teaching your kids how to ride a bike can be a frightening task, depending on their attitude (and yours), level of readiness and of course the level of enthusiasm for the project all greatly factor into the final outcome. Here are a couple of tips to make the experience successful:

1. Make sure the bike is small enough so that the seat can be lowered so that the rider can be in the seat with both feet completely on the ground. Be sure to have them wear a helmet.

2. Find a grassy field or gently sloped hill to practice on, make sure there aren’t any hidden obstacles around the path you plan to use. (This is preferable to asphalt or concrete in the event of a fall.) If you do use a hard surface for learning, it should be almost completely flat.

3. Have the rider ride in a straight line, keeping pedaling, knees and elbow in, looking where they want to go. Jog alongside the rider holding loosely to the seat and then eventually not holding on at all. Don’t forget lots and lots of positive reinforcement.

4. Show them how to stop by pulling on the hand brakes or pedaling backwards, then touching both feet down and eventually only one foot.

5. Practice, practice, practice with lots of positive reinforcement.

Go get yourself on a bike and have a great weekend!

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