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Midway Utah- part 2

midway city utA bit more history about Midway Utah- last week we finished up another year of Swiss Days in which our no-stop-light-town fills up with 30,000+ visitors, it’s a weekend of yodeling, local musicians performing, craft, lederhosen and Swiss pride. I love it all- the Swiss-themed signage and architectural details around town makes me smile.

swiss tower clockIn the town building there’s this cuckoo clock, it reminds me of the welcome to Duloc scene from Shrek– except it’s in real life.  I always feel lucky when I’m around on-the-hour to see the tiny doors open up, the figurines pop out, rotate and music plays.

Schneitter's Hot Pots, Midway UTBack to some history…I’m not sure what year this invitation/business card is from but these hot pots are still in use and haven’t fallen into disrepair like Mountain Spaa.

The Crater, Midway UTSome original settlers of Midway, perhaps the Schneitters themselves, in front of the crater in the late 1890’s. The Crater is the biggest and most amazing natural phenomenon in town. Currently, the Crater is part of the Homestead Resort.

homestead crater midway utHere is how the Crater and the Homestead look today.

stairs to the top of the craterThe stairs to the top of the Crater, slightly improved since the early 1900’s.

top of Homestead craterIn the last year or so, the Homestead has added a nice bridge and improved netting system for those who want to get a good look down into the Crater from the top. The view of the whole valley is great from this vantage point.

looking down into the craterLooking down into the Crater from above- can you see the feet of swimmers in the patch of sunlight?  The scene in 127 Hours when James Franco and girls jump into the pool was filmed right here.

inside the crater midway utInside the crater- accessed from a ‘tunnel’ that has been carved out of the rock at the bottom. The water is crystal clear and continually 95 degrees. At 60 feet deep, it’s a popular spot for scuba divers with marks every 20 feet until you reach the sandy bottom. To keep swimming organized, you’ve got to schedule a session in advance. I’ve been meaning to sign up for a paddle board yoga class in this spot. Awesome.

For part 1 of Midway history, including more on the Mountain Spaa resort look here.

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