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Vintage valentines part 2

Here is the second installment of vintage valentines from my collection, equally as shocking and hilarious as part 1, perhaps even more so…
vintage valentines
Or I’m gonna take this hammer…

vintage valentines
Thankfully, this was originally published in the 1950’s and hopefully it gets a different reaction in 2012– funny but super inappropriate.

vintage valentines
OR… just imagine I’m a vampire (or werewolf) and now I’m all ears… what was it you were going to do to me?

vintage valentines
No words necessary, you had me when you skated up in the one strap pair of green pantaloons sans shirt.

vintage valentines
Aw come on, my hair looked like that all day yesterday.

vintage valentines
Made in USA, printed on there, just in case.

vintage valentines
A makeover would be a good start, no matter what the determinations.

vintage valentines
Axe and ice skates? Throwing caution to the wind for you, Valentine.

vintage valentines
Hmmm… creepy and fascinating. This is a short story starter for 7th graders.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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