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I’ve been trying to brush up on my Photoshop skills this past week, making pages for the family calendar. I know it’s a little late, January is basically a wash- but I’m doing my best here. I just emailed over these pages to my sister-in-law Donna who is kind enough to organize the making of the calendar every year. Thanks for putting up with me and my tardy pages every year. It sure was fun (and certainly time consuming) going back over the year and picking out my favorite pics. I should be grateful to have some sort of a jump on that thing some people do- I think it’s called scrapbooking.
Pictures in Torrey, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, playing at the waterfall and hiking Sulfur Creek in Capital Reef National Park- one of the best desert-kid hikes ever, because you’re splashing or swimming along 90% of the time.

We spent some good times at the beach house- went to an Angels game, visited the bunny/guinea pig extravaganza at San Juan Capistrano’s quaint petting zoo, playing for hours in the sand and played Make-A-Million (our favorite card game) every night for hours.

We had to get Pierre the cat (in drag, top left corner there), and the hamster Buddy (who is no longer with us) posing as an bra insert, represented as well as the rest of the family. The miracle of this page is the Q actually agreed to let me use the shot with her and Buddy the hamster in her dress.
Can you believe I got the picture OK’ed first this time- before publishing it? I think my ‘Mom’ skills are improving slightly.
Click on any of the pages to make them bigger.

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