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how to make three tier skirts

Stacks of fabric, cut and sorted and ready to be made into three tier skirts. So easy to make, link to the tutorial, how to make three tier skirts is listed below. Check it out and the endless darling possibilities and then make some for your ladies.
how to make a three tier skirt
Shown here- three tier skirts are cut out and ready to serge, then sew. I’ve also got some apron tops sewn together, this seems to be the tough part- just gettin’ moving back into the sewing room- when there are so many other jobs to do everyday. Now if I can just pick up the pace I can be ready for the Beehive Bazaar at the end of April.

Here’s what the three tier skirts will look like when they’re all finished. Really fun and easy to make and the possibilities of fabric combinations are endless.  Choose the fabric combos yourself or make it with fabric the little lady that will be wearing it chooses herself.
elastic waist girls skirt

bright 3 tier skirts
3 tier skirt

For an easy step by step tutorial on how to make three tier skirts, look here.

3 tier skirt pattern image

Pattern cover image created with FrameUrLife iPhone app.

Here’s another option with steps to follow along- Easy Drawstring Skirt Tutorial here.

drawstring skirt

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