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keep calm and go see a movie

As a woman and… well that actually might be the only necessary criteria… you can probably guess what I’ve got planned for the weekend. I’m off to the Breaking Dawn movie tonight with my book group ladies.

Thank goodness Edward and Bella took along a couple of water bottles and a first aid kit.

Edward Cullen manllow-, where have you been all my life? Do I have to store you in the freezer when I’m away to keep our relationship realistic?

And of course there is a Jacob manllow too… keep him in the oven.

Poor Jacob getting kicked to the curb…

I really hope Edward made it to the gym at least once since the Eclipse movie or this picture might need to be retaken with Jacob in the arms of the lady, at least from a fan point of view. Oh wait, he has his baby lady Reneesme (I’ve tried pretty hard to block that freaky part of the book out.)

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