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stop and smell the flowers, peek in the thrift store…

It’s our last day at the beach- we’re wistfully soaking the last hours in and trying not to cry. Along with everything else about beach livin’, I’m going to miss the flowers- gardenias most of all, they don’t grow in my climate and they smell so stinkin’ good {sigh} well here’s a brief catalog of flora and fauna blooming and looking festive on Beach Road:

Speaking of flowers- my girls and I ducked into a few thrift stores in San Juan Capistrano today and were rewarded threefold:

Striped silk pants for my 12 year old daughter, she’s going to rock them with a white tee and some Converse… show the 7th grade what’s what…

…and then learn how to wash fancy fabrics by hand- better get it over with now girl.
Found this sweater for $1 because of the holes, I was planning on cutting it up for parts anyway- perfect.

And the crowning victory find of the day- this bright pink velvet skirt with beaded panel and vertical stripes.

The bad part is that it’s a bit too small for me, (oh geez here we go again- right girls?) but I love it so much I might try a little harder to loose that last 10 lbs.- just so I can wear this skirt. It fits both of my daughters but they don’t have enough style or sophistication yet to like it (youth is wasted on the young). I think I’ll throw out a wear-it-to-school challenge and see how many compliments they get. Ahh, the details of the skirt… rad.

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